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Ghana: See what'll happen If you cross this River with Goat meat or live Goat

The Tano is a river in Ghana. It flows for 4 hundred kilometres from Techiman in Ghana to Ehy Lagoon, Tendo Lagoon and finally Aby Lagoon in Ivory Coast in which it enters the Atlantic Ocean. The river forms the last few kilometres of the global land boundary among Ghana and Ivory Coast.According to a number of the indigenous people of the town, the only animals they can rear are dogs, sheep and other domestic animals, but not has been a taboo from time immemorial for anyone to rear, eat or cross River Tano with a goat into the tanoso township.

They emphasized that those who dared to carry the goat to Tanoso “paid dearly for it” and the animals only lived for less than 3 hours and died.Another taboo of the town indicates that, those at the alternative side of the river, for their part do not eat antelope meat, due to the fact their gods hate that.

in line with history Some visitors attended funeral with a live goats to the town for the funeral. When they were told that goats were not allowed in the town by the gods they laughed it off but within 3 hours all of the goats had died.

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