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Strange: meet the dog that can play piano and sing.

Animals are distinctive in their own ways, and each person has a different motive for having them around. People keep them around for a variety of reasons, including amusement, friendship, and security. Whatever the reason it may be, one cannot deny that animals play a vital role in human life.

When it comes to the types of animals that humans keep, we can't mention them all without include dogs. Dogs are one type of animal that most people keep in their homes to keep them entertained. Individuals try to train them for a variety of reasons, but some people do an amazing job of teaching their dogs to perform things that amaze us.

A video that went viral recently shows a dog startling some of us and leaving us wondering how this could be possible, or how the owner was able to train this dog to execute this behavior. This dog was spotted singing and playing the piano at the same time. He was merely creating a "woo" sound, thus the tune he was singing couldn't be compared to what humans sing. Watch video here

We couldn't tell or figure out what kind of music the dog was trying to sing, but we couldn't deny that what the dog was doing was fantastic. The dog plays the piano for a while, then rests and sings before repeating the same movement.

Some people praised the dog and its owner for their unusual behavior. Some think the dog is particularly intelligent since he enjoys playing the piano and following the beat of the music. Someone also said that the dog was once a human, but something went wrong and he or she ended up coming back as a dog, and that the tune the dog is singing is a sorrowful song that he or she remembers.

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