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Social Media: A Potential Pet and Pest for Personal and Professional Life (Opinion)

Some three billion plus people, that is around a third of our planet Earth’s entire population, are said to be social media users! The figures speak for themselves.

Social media turns out to be our pet, I mean our most adored or cherished messaging, chatting, advertising, shopping, dating, and research platform.

This is where everyone loves to be. The power of social networking is such that much of our attention is taken away from our private, business or official lives.

The pet easily turns into pest or a pandemic of some sort: social media is such an annoying, harmful and highly destructive plague in the classroom, lecture room or office on a day-to-day basis: It has become so hard in this digital age to give our studies, businesses and assignments undivided attention: Instant messaging, notification sound on your high tech phone distracts from focusing on what matters most in a business day.

As things stand currently, the best way forward for everyone is as follows:

On a personal and serious note, there is a worldwide need for digital detox practice.

The dividing line between business and pleasure online and offline should be clearly drawn.

Learn to be bored without Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram among others. It is known that you can’t help it, but detox from your smartphone for as long as it takes to complete an academic, professional or private assignment. Condition your mind to think and live as if there was nothing like social media. Cut social networking out of your life for a whole workday or a full workweek for a healthy and profitable career life. Go ahead and punish, discipline yourself by disconnecting from virtual friends over the course of business hours in an effort to reconnect with yourself and others in real world. Challenge yourself to that if your really do not wish to lose real life loved ones and your source of livelihood.

There is a great deal more to social media than just this uncontrolled excitement triggered by any notification sound from your smartphone that you are irresistibly becoming addicted to: there is a time for everything on the World Wide Web.

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