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A Look At 9 Animal That Can Live In Water And Land.


A mixture of different animals is an amazing one, the platypus' fluffy trunk is like the body of an otter, the beach, the duck and the web paws and the beaver, like a paddle. The platypus swims well and spends the majority of his life underwater like all these animals. They lay eggs, as opposed to otters and beavers. The platypus men's legs are poisonous in poison. These animals build holes on the water's very edge and feed on water worms, molluscs and insects.

River otter

In fact, this sleepy river otter is very playful. The hydrophilic mammal always voluntarily plunges underground and can be moved thanks to its webbed paws and the paddle tail. The otters have a special structure of ears and nose fur, which close under the water. At the age of 2 months young otter start swimming. River otters live in burrows on the shores of rivers or lakes near the fish they feed on.

The Amazonian dolphin

The largest rodent in the world, the capybara, grows to 4 feet long (130 cm) and weighs about 145 pounds (66 kg) (66 kg). These moisture-loving mammals reach this size by eating grass and water plants. These mammals in most cases live in a watery environment to which they are adapted physically. They have membranous paws, which enable them to swim well and can spend five minutes or longer underwater. The lakes, rivers and wetlands of Panama and the south of Brazil live in Central and South America Capybara.

The charismatic Amazonian dolphin uses echolocation to track food (small fish and crustaceans) in the turbulent waters of the river. These dolphins swim in flooded forests during annual leashes and hunt between trees. A luminous hue (sometimes pink or very pale) and its natural curiosity are easy preys to wild fish fishermen who catch them illegally as catfish bait. In recent years, the population of this animal has declined significantly. These dolphins have long been seen as supernatural entities who can take on a human face amongst the locals who live on the coasts of the Amazon.

Baikal seals

There are many seals in the world, but only one of their species is a true freshwater animal – the Baikal seal. The lake is the deepest in the world, as well as the lake of the lake with the same name in Russia. Although Baikal seals are generated annually by new generations, they are not seriously endangered. The main threats include wildfire and pollution from nearby paper and cellulose industries.

The muskrat



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