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Know the hidden historical facts of Gold coast & Ivory coast

The Gold Coast, Slave Coast, and vory Coast were named after the resources there. Early uses of the term refer literally to the coast and not the Interlor.It was not untll the 19th century that the term came to refer to areas which are a ways from the coast. 

The Gold Coast was so-named because it was an important source of gold. The Portuguese interest in trading for gold, ivory, and pepper so improved that in 1482 the Portuguese built their first permanent buying and selling post on the western coast of present-day Ghana.

Ivory is a hard, white substance found withinside the tusks of animals which includes elephants. lvory also refers to a white-ish color, like the ivory keys on a piano... Ivory is used in many objects, specifically expensive, ornamental ones such as statues.

There was also a Pepper Coast, also referred to as the "Grain Coast' (present-day Liberia), a "Gold Coast" (Ghana), and a "Slave Coast (Togo, Benin and Nigeria). Like those the name "lvory Coast" reflected the major trade that occurred on that precise stretch of the coast: the export of ivory.

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