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Playing With A Cat Can Sometimes Be Dangerous

Wonders they say shall never end. The white man is fond of befriending all kinds of animals as their pet. The weirdest thing is that, some even go the extra mile of grooming snakes in their homes. 

A man whose face is unidentified has shared a terrible picture of his hand which has been badly hurt by his own cat. In the picture below, the owner had survived several scratches on his forearm by the sharp claws of his pet.

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Although cats can be raised as a pet in homes, they become dangerous as and when their claws grow longer and stronger. That is why some people prefer cutting their claws or trimming them to prevent any hazard.

When cats are badly held, they tend to use pressure to relieve themselves from the holder. Similarly, when they (cats) perceive any threat of harming it or trying to kill it, it becomes alert and angered, thus can harm you by biting you or scratching you with its sharp claws.

When you come to Ghana, few people raise cats as a pet in their homes. It is generally believed by some Ghanaians especially the Akan tribe that cats behave like humans in most cases.

That is why they call it 'Okra' in Twi which means 'life' in English. Many Ghanaians like cat meat, but it is hardly made available in chop bars and food joints due to the surrounding superstition. 

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