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The Pastor slept with his Dog for Fame and Power - Confession

A woman has narrated how a sorcerer gave a direction to a close pastor of his that was indeed mind-blowing. Narrating this incident on Atinka FM, she narrated how she once went with a pastor to a sorcerer in order for the pastor to become Powerful.

Being Powerful was not the only intention but being famous and wealthy as well. Since both of them were initially into occultic activities, they feared nothing moving from once sorcerer to another. Their quest took them to a certain village in Ghana where they had to enter the sorcerer’s premise with their back-body, not front-body.

After the pastor described his ordeal to him, the sorcerer consulted with the spirits and came up with things he had to do to ensure his church would be full to the brim and would never be short of money as well. What they told him to do was to sleep with his dog every blessed day for a duration of 7 years.

Fortunately, this pastor was a dog-fan. Since he had not rented but built his house, he had a foreign-breed female dog at home that he cherished very much. Even though the direction given to him was seriously aggressive, he had no option but to follow in order to avoid death or madness.

So, the woman continued her narration that when they came back home, they thought extensively how the pastor was going to succeed to have sex with his dog. They feared the dog would react aggressively since it was a powerful foreign breed.

On the said day of execution, the pastor called the dog into his room, and then onto his bed. The woman was also in the room. They started by playing with the dog in the usual manner that everyone does. Smartly, they were able to tie the dog’s hands to the bed. The pastor lied halfway beside the dog while the woman covered the dog’s mouth with the guard to prevent being bit in case of any form of aggression.

Gradually, the man inserted his organ into the animal. Initially, it looked like the female dog struggled a bit but slowly, the man penetrated to-and-fro till he released his semen. The next day, it continued and continued till it reached a time that they did not struggle to lure the dog.

The woman confirmed that his church grew a lot in addition to spiritual gifts that he received from the devil. He still had to ensure to have daily sex with the dog for 7 years. As at 2021, the man had had sex with the animal for 5 years continuously. The man’s church is in the second busiest city in Ghana.

Again, the woman further narrated that now it has gotten to the time whereby the dog brings herself to the man for sex. At times when the man comes home, his dog welcomes him just like how everyone’s dog does; but the difference is that, the dog always tries to sniff the position where his manhood resides, always.

Nothing comes free in the occult world. The man wishes he could end it but once he tries to do so, he will go mad or will die. It is not that easy to go into occult and come out successfully. Now his church has grown, he has money and supernatural powers. He is respected wherever he goes and seems t have made it in life.

But that’s a fallacy because his end thereof will be sorrow and death. The devil has nothing to give but to Steal from us. Once he gets the nod to be able to steal anything from us, the next thing he does is to Kill. Upon successful killing of what he targeted in our lives, the next thing he does is to destroy it for good, thereby losing the essence of that thing in our lives. How can we stop such evil in this world?

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