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Some Ghanaians Reacted When They Saw A Photo Of A Giraffe Named Chicken On A School Wall. See Why

There are some schools in Ghana nowadays, before you enter into their main entrance into their school, they normally draw some images of objects with their names attached to it around the school walls. Unfortunately a school in Ghana which is a well known school drew a Giraffe and labeled it Chicken.

Before we got to know this, Ltv Ghana, our team went into the school for an interview, but as we were about to enter into the school compound to our surprise we saw an image of an animal Giraffe labeled as Chicken. so as we went in for the interview, we asked the proprietress that, why did they labeled a Giraffe Chicken instead of it original name? But she said it was a mistake from the artist who came to draw it, that is why it is labeled like that.

Through the interview, the proprietress added that, many Ghanaians especially those their children are in the school have really complained massively and they insisted that the drawing must be erased because most of the children might think that, that is the original name for the image drawn. She also said that, because of the drawing most parents have take their wards to different schools.

Most people who have already seen the image have been saying that, so what are they teaching the children in the school, if a common Giraffe is labeled as a Chicken the what will they called Hippopotamus?

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