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Social Media Reacts To Pictures Of A Dog Who Got A Funeral After Its Death

A dog is regarded as man's best friend. They are one of the most loyal animals a man can have. Some of these dogs can build immense bonds and relationships with their human buddies.

Hence, across the globe, some dogs are regarded as family. Some dogs enjoy a better lifestyle than some human beings. They sleep under better roofs, eat, and drive in luxury supposing their owner is rich. They are treated fairly well compared to other domestic animals and this story is one of many indications.

A dog received a funeral service after it faced death. The dog owner in appreciation for the dog organized a funeral service and laid the dog in state. This was to show gratitude and love for all the years the dog stood with the owner. Social media users who spotted the funeral service of the dog were astonished. It appears we should brace ourselves for a new trend.

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