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Kofi Adoma Interviews The Owner Of Six Legged Goat.

Many people on this planet were born with unique characteristics. Siamese twins are an unusual syndrome in which the fetus binds to each other while in the womb.

In certain cases, the split is fatal, and they are left to live their lives as they did when they were born. Separation is possible in some situations. Some of them share vital organs such as the stomach, head, and on rare occasions, the heart.

Perhaps this case involving a baby sheep is something completely different. According to a video spotted by Accrablogger on Kofi TV's channel, a sheep belonging to Mallam Abubakar has six legs and two separate excretion organs, which many people believe to be what we call Siamese twins in humans.

The little sheep has found it a little difficult to walk around because of the extra two legs. Because of this, the owner Mallam Abubakar has refused to attend to work for 5 days because of the plight of the animal because he feels very sorry for it.

Revealing more information to Kofi Adoma, Mallam Abubakar said he has compassion for animals that is even the reason why he left all the way from Takoradi to come take care of the sheep in another location. Also, he added, he once had a cat which could understand when he talked.

“My cat gave birth and refused to breastfeed its kittens, so I carried it into the air and said if it doesn't feed her kittens and they die, I would kill it. Immediately I left it, it went straight to feed them meaning animals can hear us when we talk to them but what they can't do is to reply us"

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