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Wonderful; Two brave guys catch an eagle alive at Asankragwa

Two young guys have captured an eagle alive when they visited their farm early in the morning at Asankragwa in the Western Region.

On Monday, April 5, 2021, two guys who visited their farm had a shock of their life when they met an eagle feeding on some of the vegetables they have cultivated in their farm.

According to sources the two guys did not run away but mastered courage and quickly mounted strategies that could enable them capture the eagle.

Though it was easy, the two guys struggled very well with the eagle until they were able to block the eagle from spreading it wing making it unable to fly.

They two guys speaking with the media made it clear that, after blocking the wings of the eagle, they laid a heavy branch of a tree in it's neck in other for it to loss strength to fight against them.

Finally, the held it, and quickly tied its legs as fast as they could so that it does not use its sharp claws to harm them.

According to the two guys, one person can not carry the eagle due to its size and weight so both of them had to carry it to the house by holding one wing each.

They confirmed that, they are very excited for being able to capture such a great wild animal with their hands without using much weapons.

They also made it clear to the public that, they are not going to sell or eat the eagle. They are waiting for the Member of Parliament for the Amenfi West Constituency, Hon. Eric Afroh to lead them to the Kumasi Zoo to go and donate the eagle.

History tells that, this is the third time an eagle has been captured alive in the Amenfi West Constituency.

Currently the only eagle in the Kumasi Zoo is from Asankragwa in the Western Region of Ghana to be precise.

According to observations, the reason for the two guys being able to capture the eagle alive is that the eagle is an eaglet and now learning how to fly

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