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Animals deserve more. Woman decides to celebrate her kitten on his birthday

During birthdays, we get our loved ones surprising us with gifts and probably throwing a party for us. Humans have seen birthday celebrations being normalized in their surroundings but same cannot be said for animals. Do they even know when they came into the world? Have they even at a point in their lives thought about being a year older? Do their owners celebrate them when their birthday strikes? This is a question yet to be answered

This article is going to expose you to a scene which you have never ever come across in your entire life. Just like humans, the owner of a certain kitten decided to celebrate him on his birthday by giving him a special treat. Looking at how perfectly she executed the act, there is nothing that can stop you from loving her more. The scene is so cute and pleasing to watch such that you would watch it over and over again.

She had set up a table for the kitten just like we do for humans and had set up a bright candle for the fellow. The most attractive part of it all is that she had given him a cute blue bib and had blindfolded the kitten with her hands. Well, guess who was going to be surprised?

They had set up a fish for him considering the fact that a cake wouldn't make him smile and I think it was the perfect thing to do even though, I doubt it can feed on a fish as little as it is.

After the blindfold came off, you do realize that he showed no surprise. This is because, he had probably sensed the smell of the fish already. I hope those of us who don't give value to animals starts to change that mindset.

Animals deserve to be treated good, the harsh treatment given to animals just shows how inhumane we can be sometimes. They are just like us, and we must make sure they feel comfortable around us.

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