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Some of the cutest family moments from the animal kingdom. Part1

As humans, we spend time in groups either in the company of friends or families. Today we you shall enjoy a variety of family time in life of these wonderful creature on our planet. 

Marching penguins

Penguins are one of the few species that mate for life, which means babies (like this cutie!) get to hang out with their parents until they reach maturity.

Monkeying around

This little monkey is latched on pretty tightly to his or her mom, which is typical behavior for primates. Most babes are cared for by their mothers until they’re four or five years old!

Going goosey

Canadian geese, though noisy, are incredibly cute. Just look at these fluffy little babes! The little ones learn to walk and swim within a day or two of being born.

Tweeting terns

These tern chicks have nothing to fear when it comes to predators, because their parents are renowned for being incredibly protective. They “dive-bomb” invaders as well as their prey!

The cat’s meow

There’s nothing like the bond mama cats share with their kittens, largely because the babes are born entirely helpless (they’re blind and deaf!). That’s often why you see them rolling around with their parents until they’re a few months old.

Which is your favorite.

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Canadian Penguins


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