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Oblivious Woman Escapes Death After Holding One Of The World's Deadliest Animals.

A lady shared photos of herself holding a dangerous animal that she was unaware of, according to her she saw the animal and found it to be nice, so attracted by its beauty she picked it up not knowing she was almost to her grave, the animal was a blue ringed octopus, which has certain blue rings on it's tentacles, the rings mostly appear when the animal is disturbed or during mating.

She was lucky enough when someone who studied about such things told her to drop it immediately, she was so frightened, that she threw it away as fast as she could, she was later sent to the hospital to check if it has caused any harm to her but luckily for her nothing was found.

The animal is so poisonous that it could kill 25 people in just a single minute, this lady has escaped her untimely death.

This proves to everyone that don't just see anything and pick it up saying it is nice or it is cute, please be careful.

Thanks for reading.

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