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A VULTURE in a dream: Ghanaian cultural belief

Every creation is meant for a particular purpose to help shape human existence. The use of a particular creation is mostly determined by the society in which it finds itself. This confirms the saying that "resources are not but they become"

Plants have the purposes of providing food, medicine, oxygen and a lot others.

Some societies however have set of creation that have been culturally tagged as evil.

Among the Akans, the following animals are believed to be evil in society.

1. The crow: This is a beautiful bird with black and white feathers. This bird among the Akans is believed to be a witch bird. It is believed among the Akans that before a human witch operates, he/she has to turn into it's preferred evil animal. The crow is believed to be an animal that witches usually turn into or operates through.

2. The vulture: The vulture is said to be a bird that witches are believed to operate through or turn into. As a result, if one sees a vulture in a dream, he/she has a cause to worry in the Akan society.

3. Wall geckos: Wall geckos are lizard-like creatures that are believed to be used as spies of witches and wizards.They are usually found in hidden places in our rooms. The listen and capture every scene in the house to the witches and wizards.

4. Goats: Most goats that are found on our streets especially late in the night are believed to be witches.

5. Dogs and cats are also believed to have a link to witchcraft. A person who dreams of being chased by either a cat or dog interpretes it as being pursued by witches.

These are cultural beliefs and have not been proven scientifically.


By: jmahama

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