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Meet Tom, The 32 Year Old Man Who Spent Millions Of Dollars On Surgeries Just To Look Like A Dog

People also pursue unusual interests that allow them to reincarnate as their ancestors. Some will change. However, it is truly up to people to act the way they like.

It may seem strange to you, but it's true. Peter has dog behaviour and skin. Many others want to act like a dog & their desired animal to get rid of human behaviour and skin. These people don't just act like dogs; they also dress in specific clothes crafted to suit their body measurements, like dogs.

Photo credit: Youtube

He said that he wanted to live his life as a dog. It was so important to him that he wanted to fulfill his dreams. So, it was important for him to change his look because of his inner satisfaction with having the skin of a dog.

He has a perfect duplicate of a dog's lifestyle. He lives in a cage, moves around on ropes, and eats on the ground, just like a dog. Peters is a perfect dog impersonator; you'd never guess Peters was a human.


He loves being a dog; he lives in a cage, moves like a dog, and his girlfriend pulls him around on a rope like a dog.

He's living his dog's dream, and he's happy to have achieved his dream of being a dog and acting like a dog, and he wants to put his entire life as a dog behind him. What are your thoughts on Peter?

He clearly enjoys this outlet and is not causing any harm. It's crazy how people tell you to be yourself, but then criticize you when you are.


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