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Ministry says Dead fishes at Ghana's shores caused by stress. Do fishes get stressed? Read.

The recent pile of dead fishes in Ghana's sea shores within the Accra and parts of the Western region have cause fear and panic, and when Ghanaians called for a swift action to ascertain the cause, the fishery ministry in its preliminary investigations have attributed the cause of death of these fishes to a stress. 

Stress?. People ask. 

While some have taken a hilarious aspect of the whole report and marking fun of the fact that fishes also get stressed just like humans, others have sort further explanation on the matter. 

This author delves into the matter and will like to bring to you some basic scientific explanations to the phenomenon. 

Firstly, yes, fishes do get stressed, which of course results into death. 

Generally speaking, stress is a condition in which an animal is unable to maintain a normal physiologic state because of various factors adversely affecting its well-being.

Stress is caused by placing a fish in a situation that is beyond its normal level of tolerance. Specific examples of things that can cause stress (stressors) are chemical, Biological and physical. 

These factors can happens in a large scale within the marine environment and cause so much stress to these aquatic animals, thereby resulting in the death of the deal and vulnerable ones. 

Of course, Dead Sea mammals and fishes will move to the shore, just like what happened in our shores. 

The statement by the Hon. Hawa Koomson's ministry that, though preliminary, that the fishes' death is caused by stress is technically true and such condition does exist within the marine lives. 

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