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What Does It Mean To Dream Of Aggressive Cats?

One thing that frequently happens during sleep is to dream of animals, precise symbols of instincts and fears, but also desires of the dreamer. If you happen to dream of aggressive cats , it is very important to understand both what the little feline represents for us, and what relationship we have with ourselves and with the world.

In particular, dreaming of a small cat threatening or attacking us has a different meaning depending on the sex of the dreamer. Women should give greater weight to this type of dream image, as the cat represents femininity and creativity in the symbolism, but also the way of living one's intimate life.

Most likely, if we have dreamed of aggressive cats that looked at us with a defiant attitude, it is easy that in everyday life we ​​have some problems with our feminine side. If maybe we have been left or we are going through a period in which we do not like ourselves and we do not feel attractive, the dream represents just that.

It is a dream image that can occur at any stage of a woman's life , be it very young or more mature. In fact, in adolescence it is very normal for girls to dislike each other and to deal with a physique in transformation, but also during and after pregnancy or in mature age, the confidence about one's appeal can drop.

However, dreaming of aggressive cats may not have to do directly with those who dream of them, but could instead symbolize external female presences by which one feels threatened. A very demanding and gruff woman boss, a mother or a close relative who condition our life, are some models of iron ladies that can populate our dreams.

If in reality we see them human, in a dream the subconscious transforms them into wild cats that are difficult to treat. And if cats, in addition to having attitudes of threat towards us, were playful among themselves , our inner self is sending us a very specific message, namely that we must let ourselves go more in real life.

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