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These dog breeds can harm you. Stay away from them if are not a dog expert.

This message is to people who have no experience in keeping dogs as pets. There are some dog breeds I think you shouldn't buy especially if you are not a dog expert.

These dogs are very dangerous and can cause harm to you as well as other people around you if you lose control over them. They can be a threat to your life if not handed carefully.

Their level of aggression is way up high and as such must be controlled by experienced owners.

I recommend you do buy dogs that are friendly with people if it's your first time ever buying a dog. If you have a family, make sure you buy a dog breed that can adapt very well with the family, especially with the children.

You can buy aggressive dogs if you want but just know you are risking your own life as well as the life of other people around you.

Below are a compiled list of aggresive dogs which requires much experience to be tamed.

1. The Pitbull

The Pitbull dog breed is a very dangerous dog breed the world has witnessed. People who buy this kind of dog are very experienced.

The pitbull can guard your house all day and all night but I think a person without experience stands a risk of hurting himself if he goes for one.

This dog breed is designed primarily for security purposes not to be kept as a pet. Several governments have banned this dog breed from their country due to the violent behaviors of the dog breed. There are news where this particular dog breed killed their owners.

2. Rottweiler.

The Rottweiler is a powerful dog breed no one should mess with. This dog breed has a strong bite force that can rip out the skin of a human being. If this dog breed is not trained very well, it can cause disorder.

If you are buying a dog for the first time, make sure you do not buy this dog breed, at least for now. When you finally have the experience of training dogs, you can go for as many as you can.

3. Boerboel dog breed.

Originated from South Africa comes this dog breeds. It is a very large dog and also, it is one of the largest in the mastiff family.

This dog can be very aggressive to humans, especially to strangers. If you already have this dog breed, please train the dog very well so that, it would not attack people. It would be better if you separate them far from strangers because they may become hyper and break the chains binding them.

Who knows what they will do to strangers after breaking the chains?

4. Bull mastiff dog breeds.

The United Kingdom is the origination of this huge dog. They are one of the largest dog breeds in the whole wide world. This dog can kill and hence, I don't recommend it to another without an experience in training dogs.

5. The German Shepherd

The breed is naturally protective of its owners. If it is not properly socialized, it can become too aggressive with strangers and can end up hurting them.

German Shepherds have been involved in multiple fatal dog attacks and many attacks resulting in catastrophic injuries

Please choose your dog wisely! You can save a loved one from harm by sharing this article with them. Stay safe.

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