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A Man Did Not Want His Dog To Get Pregnant So He Did This (photos)

Just like a human being, there are measures one can take to stop animals from giving birth. Not often do we see people stopping that animals from getting pregnant, in fact every dog owner wants his dog to give birth, but unfortunately the reverse is the case.

 We know the situation of the country right now things are hard COVID-19 has caused a lot of Damages many jobs have been lost. People now cut down their coat according to their size. In this scenario, a man who doesn't want his dog to get pregnant and at the same time does not have money to go to a clinic and buy dog birth control medicine has done something very funny to prevent his dog from getting pregnant.

 Looking at the picture, you can see that the dog owner sowed a short cloth for the female dog so to prevent the giving birth. 

 This is so funny isn't it since human being and dog mentality are not the same there is no way the male dogs are going to remove the cloth on the female dog to have their way.

 No one has ever done this trick before to prevent dogs or animals from getting pregnant, please share your own opinion how do you prevent animals from giving birth.

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