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Dominion Over Fear(Fear must Bow)

To travel from the distance between where you are and where you want to be is to eliminate fear 

If you can eliminate fear, you can translate yourself into where God wants you to be 

People who have handled fear are those that have dominated life

Until you deal with the fear factor, you’ll enjoy the laughter of satan 

Fear will make you run away 

Fear is dangerous 

2 Timothy 1:7

Fear can be given, it’s an outside force and not from God 

Fear can be rejected/repelled 

- Definition of fear 

1. Fear is a spirit 

Life is spiritual; the spiritual world controls the physical world 

Until battles are won in the spirit, you have no right to fight them in the physical 

Man was created twice; 

In Genesis chapter 1: God created man out of nothing to become something 

In Genesis chapter 2: God formed man by using a material to give shape to what has been created 

The future you don’t create in the spirit has no expression in the physical 

Spirit can’t be seen but the manifestation of the spirit can be seen 

What the hand can do, words can also do 

The same action that the hand can create, words that are spirits can also create those same actions 

Hebrews 2:14-15

2. Fear is a subjected force

To be subject to something is to be a slave to that thing or under that thing 

So whatever you’re afraid of, you’re subjected to that thing 

Those who fear death, die early

Those who fear failure, fail faster 

Those who fear to rise up, stay down 

Those who fear unemployment, get unemployed 

3. Fear is an invitation card

Job 3:25

Fear is what gives satan access to people’s life 

When you begin to fear, the protection of God around you begins to break for satan to bite you 

Money can’t deal with fear 

- Sources of fear

When you locate the source, you can deal with the result/effect 

So when you know the source of fear, you can deal with fear 

1. Fear comes through negative information

What you hear and see affect what you believe 

Deuteronomy 20:1 

Fear comes when you begin to look at things that God is telling you not to look at 

Matthew 14:25-30

Let the weak say I’m strong 

You saying what you are makes you remain what you are 

You saying what you want to become takes you from where you are to where you’re supposed to become 

When God speaks, He doesn’t speak based on your problem, He speaks based on the solution

When you judge yourself based on your current condition, you can’t go to your future destination 

Anytime you walk on what God says you should walk on, you can’t be walked over 

Peter didn’t sink because the wind was greater but because he saw the wind which introduced fear affecting his belief 

Resist the devil 

What you don’t resist, persists 

Whatever you don’t stop, stop you 

Whatever you tolerate, dominate 

Whatever you don’t confront, stands infront

Fear has no respecter for persons or titles but capacity 

The moment you discover truth, truth empowers you 

It’s the knowledge of the truth that gives freedom

Something can belong to you, when you don’t know that it belong to you, you’ll die not knowing it belongs to you though it belongs to you 

If you’re blaming witches, you lack foresight but when you discover you have authority over them, you have insight 

1 Kings 19:1-3

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God 

Fear comes by hearing the words of satan

Fear tolerated is faith contaminated 

Whatever you hear that is contrary to what God says you are is a lie 

A lie is anything God didn’t say 

Anytime you believe a lie, you empower the liar 

2. Fear comes through negative imagination

According to Scientists, the moment you begin to imagine, the mind sees it as real though it hasn’t come to pass 

The pictures you believe is the future you feature 

The purpose of imagination is to alter your expectation 

If the devil can alter your expectation, he can alter your conviction

If the devil can alter your conviction, he can determine your manifestation 

You don’t change thoughts with thoughts but with words

Words communicate/create pictures 

Anytime bad thoughts come, replace them with good words 

The greatest attack on fear is not silence but words 

A silent Christian will suffer 

Whatever you imagine, you capture 

Whatever you can picture with your mind, you can capture with your hands 

Whatever you can buy with your mind, you can buy with your hands 

If it can enter your mind, it can enter your life 

Whatever that doesn’t cross your mind, can’t cross your life 

Whatever that doesn’t cross your imagination, doesn’t happen in your expectation 

Job 4:12-14


Whatever wrong thing I’ve been thinking in my imagination, I have authority over fear

Every negative imagination, I enforce as I declare that it has ceased

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