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Kennedy Agyapong Is Just Too Powerful To Handle; The State Has Failed Him.

I do not like to jump on the bandwagon all the time but sometimes prefer to look at things in a different perspective.

You may agree or disagree strongly with me on this matter but I believe you might reason with me after hearing me out.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is no doubt one of the most liked politicians across the political divide in the country.

He comes across as the “no nonsense” type but a closer proximity tells a whole different story; very calm and quiet.

He is a farmer, a businessman and has been a member of Parliament since 2000.

Kennedy Agyapong is greatly adored by his constituents not only for his parliamentary works but his philanthropic gestures to members of the society. He is known to provide scholarships to a lot of brilliant but needy students, provide and enable people to get employed and also provide for the needy.

Kennedy Agyapong is known to be a strong advocate of human rights and justice.

Unfortunately, Kennedy Agyapong has been in the news in the past and present for the bad reasons.

Why do I say the state has failed Kennedy Agyapong?

I say it in the sense that, whenever he appears to have acted in contravention of the law, he is never “grilled”, or thoroughly investigated like the way an ordinary citizen would have been frustrated with the laws of the land.

I can only guess that he enjoys some immunity as a member of parliament and most certainly, a man who is purported to be one of the bank-rollers of the ruling party can never be “dealt with” because “Ghana we dey”.

There are a number of instances I can cite to buttress my claim;

First of all, we all remember the infamous Ahmed Suale revelation (showing of pictures) he made on his television channel and his remarks to the effect that, whoever sees him should beat him and that he was willing to pay the person.

From Honorable Kennedy Agyapong’s temperament as has been observed over the period, it is very likely that he makes some utterances out of irritation but when such a threat is issued and the individual involved is subsequently killed, irrespective of how coincidental that be, that is a serious matter and I am sure Kennedy Agyapong would agree with me.

I do not intend to pronounce judgement on the matter because I believe the issue is still under investigations but when we have an individual who is being investigated for any involvement in a case, and the same individual comes public to mention an individual’s name and claim that individual killed the journalist and that the police, which is investigating him, gave him the name of the individual and yet the police does not come out to approve or deny same, then that is a serious failure of state.

Interestingly, that individual has come out to debunk those claims by the legislator.

As for the case involving the late legislator J.B Danquah, I do not want to delve into it because the matter is still in Court.

Did you know that, the former South African President, Jacob Zumah is a serving a 15 months prison sentence for contempt?

His sin was, failure to attend to a corruption inquiry.

Kennedy Agyapong is on record to have insulted a High Court Judge, Amos Wuntah Wuni for an injunction against him in a land case. He was subsequently summoned by the same judge.

He subsequently apologized but the case dragged on and in the last sitting, the case was adjourned. Nothing has been heard about the case again. I can only imagine that, it is dying a natural death. This is clearly another state failure and a bad precedent because, obviously, Ken would not bare any consequences and it’s a clear indication of how politicians and the “first class” citizens are treated in the country; another state failure.

The latest controversy the outspoken legislator has entangled himself with is the alleged threat on the life of Erastus Asare Donkor, a senior reporter for Joynews on the back of the Ejura-Sekyeredumase Military shootings. In expressing his disgust on the way a manner the Journalist carried out his work, Kennedy Agyapong insulted the latter and indicated that, he would get him beaten if he were the President; a power the President himself does not have.

The Multimedia group did not take it lightly even though the legislator has not been found to have a hand in Ahmed Suale’s killing after he threatened him but they chose to secure the security of the Journalist by petitioning all appropriate institutions.

Even though the regional CID was petitioned to investigate the matter, there is yet to be an official communication on the status of that investigations if there is any.

I hope the state does not fail in this too.

Meanwhile, the legislator has been hauled before the Privileges committee of Parliament to help get to the root of the matter.

Already, there have been questions as to why a man who is on record to have made several malicious public outbursts would be made Chairman of the Defense and Interior committee of Parliament.

I was more scandalized when in the midst of police investigations and parliamentary privileges committee brouhaha, the President proceeded to make Kennedy Agyapong Board Chairman of Ghana Gas.

I thought it would have been proper and more appropriate to allow for clearance of all allegations before giving him another high profile position but, who am I?

The state has failed to act in a lot of instances and that of Kennedy Agyapong is no exception.

Ghana’s major problem is the difficulty in allowing the laws to work. Once the laws work, 70% of our problems would be solved.

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