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Latest News on New Voter's ID, Ghana Card and SSNIT Card.

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Before I start this article, kindly read this shorts things to understand everything well for me.

Voter's Identification card popularly known by people as Voter's ID is an authorized identity card issued by Government of Ghana to be accepted by Electoral Commission of Ghana during Election and accepted by institutions in Ghana during their registration of a customer to their system.

The Ghana Card too which is Ghanaian's National Identity Card is identity card issued and authorized to be use by citizens of Ghana as proof of identity to be a real Ghanaian and to perform other exercise in institutions in Ghana.

Gvive is an authorized online identity verification system that integrates with ID database system enabling institutions to curb identity theft, manage and avoid fraudulent activities online.

Now let start the article which explains the new latest news on our new Voter's ID, Ghana Card and SSNIT.

A lots of Ghanaian's were wondering on why the new Voter's ID (VOT), Ghana Card (NIA) and Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) Card are not allowed in some institutions in Ghana.

This have affected both institutions and people who are willing to use the ID's to do registration in Ghana. Everyone is asking why the new ID's plus the SSNIT are not allowed in Ghana institutions.

The reason have now revealed and it will be solve very soon because the new Voter's ID and Ghana Card can now be Gvive online in Ghana Gvive database system to verify the identity of every Ghanaian to avoid any fraudulent activities in every institutions in Ghana.

So now the new Voter's ID and Ghana Card are in the database system of Gvive which all institutions in Ghana are updating their database to go with the Gvive verification process during their registration of customers.

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust popularly known by people as SSNIT have merge the Social Security numbers of all members in their database system with the Ghana Card (NIA), which can be used in all institutions when they finish updating into their database system for registration of customers.

Institution like Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) can allow their mobile money registration agents to use the ID's when it is updated into their database system for Gvive verification process to avoid any fraudulent activities in their company.

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