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These cultures may be completed replaced by the western culture if care is not taken.


Modernization and adaptation is part of life. But Ghanaian and Africans can modernize their own cultures in a way that the next generation would be able to identify our authentic cultures. The way of life of the natives of the western world depicts the uniqueness of their culture.Their preference of foods,drinks, dressings,approaches to certain happenings and issues of life.Their ways of marriage,childbirth and other social issues. It is different from what you will experience from the people of Africa. Most young people has lost contact with the reality and authenticity of their culture of greeting.

Ghana to be precise and Africa in general is adopting the western culture with a speed frequency the same as the speed of light.We have replaced our beautiful and golden culture with the culture of others. These two cultures may lose its originality as a country with diverse cultures since all of us are now adopting the western way of marriage.

Almost,all ethnic groups in Ghana have a peculiar way of greeting.Some beautifully bow down on their knees while others humbly fold their arm on their chest or neatly place ones hands behind his or her back.Most cultures also make rooms for ceremonial greetings.Many Ghanaians cannot greet the appropriate way according to their cultures. We are used to the western ways of greeting. We prefer to make use of the Englishman's way of greeting.its fast though but it is too business like and seems not to care much as what is the original intent for greetings. We should constantly practiced how our forefather's used to demonstrate love and care through greetings.

Marriage procedures and ceremonies differ from each other based on the ethnic group to which one belongs.The culture of marriage of western part of the world is so different from that of Africa.Even in Africa the cultures practiced by those from Eastern, Northern,the Southern and western Africa are also different. It is not by coincidence that each tribes and ethnic groupsin Ghana has a little difference in their approach to marriage. Underground investigations are done by both families involving in the marriage then the dowry list given out by the lady's family to the man's family.The man pays the dowry as demand, Marriage is varies from each and every tribe and ethnic group.we have adopted the the western culture of marriage. They inclusion of rings and gowns were not part of the original cultural ways of marriage in Ghana and Africa as a whole. But the question is do they also inculcated our culture of marriage into theirs or we are the only people that do not like our culture, regards it as evil and abhored it. 

Our culture is different ,we can modernize it but let us do it without mincing it authenticity.

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