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Akufo Addo, the champion of free speech: Is this him?

Who would have ever contemplated the fact that, in an era of the Presidency of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, armed military men will be deployed on the streets of Ghana to confront unarmed citizens who are protesting against an injustice?

Believing in the Akufo Addo we were told about, has it ever crossed your mind that, one day when he becomes the President, any citizen will meet his demise through the barrel of a soldiers' gun for just engaging in street protests?

Before his presidency, you will never have believed that, a journalist will be murdered in cold blood for simply doing his work with Akufo Addo as President.

Akufo Addo abhorred military rule. For over forty years, his life was all about fighting for the vulnerable in the society. Human right lawyer and champion of free speech and rule of Law. These and many more were trumpeted to us by his publicist. Have we been deceived?

Granted, that these police and military excesses do occur as a result of institutional or individual recklessness, and had nothing to do with the President's direct involvement. The question that followed is; what about accountability?

Any leader who does not condone such acts expresses same by the actions he takes after the unfortunate has happened. From Zongo 7 killing by the police, Ayawaso West Wagon constituency avoidable violence, to the recent election related violence in the 2020 general elections at Techiman South where 8 lives were lost, the President has not shown any iota of concern, neither in deeds nor in words.

This has obviously emboldened the security and promoted these unprofessional and indiscriminate shooting of ordinary citizens who come on the street to continue what Akufo Addo and his contemporaries bequeathed to them. Peaceful demonstration.

At this point, we feel defrauded. A well packaged aluminum sold to us as a refined gold. A curse in disguise?

Just this afternoon, another senseless killing of two innocent Ghanaians in Ejura by the military who have no business intervening in peaceful demonstration. With Akufo Addo as President, you can bet your last coin that, it will be business as usual.

Many though Akufo Addo will use the opportunity of these four more years granted him to wipe the slate of sins clean. Regrettably, it is turning out to be another four more years of needles killings without institutional accountability.

I read somewhere in the Bible, specifically in the Gospel of Matthew, that when John the Baptist heard in prison what Christ was doing, he sent his disciples to ask him, "Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?" 

In similar vein, what we are witnessing is contrary to the 'prophecy' told of Akufo Addo prior to 2016. We shall proceed to ask then; is this the Akufo Addo who was to come, or should we look in the future?

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