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The Nation or The Party, Which Comes First?

NPP or NDC or Ghana First?

"It's my time to chop the money some", so will many people with political ambition think". Many are the people who are now thinking that it's their time to 'chop the money some'. Choo-chop country with 'visionless' leaders across the political divide. . People are seriously campaigning for individuals whom they think are due for political appointments all because they think such party loyalists have served their political parties well. Do we need leaders who love their parties more than they love the nation or, leaders who have the interest of the nation at heart and are prepared to serve the nation to the best of their abilities? Now the various social media platforms such as Opera News, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are inundated with publicity or advertisement meant to canvass for support for specific individuals to be considered for the positions of District Chief Executive, Municipal Chief Executive and Metropolitan Chief  Executive yet to be chosen either by election or appointment. When they are finally given such political appointments or elected by the people who find themselves under the mercy of the scorching sun, they practically and instantaneously forget that some people work tiredlessly day and night to put him there and others voted for them under the mercy of the scorching sun.

A nation full of ungrateful, greedy and selfish leaders who only think about themselves and the future of their children, to the neglect of the masses, some of whom find it difficult to meet their daily basic needs. How can we develop when people choose individuals who love and speak for, and choose to be loyal to their political parties over individuals who have the interest of the country at heart and will boldly speak against anything that militates against its development.

How can a country where even people like Abronye qualifies to be a regional chairman develop? He and other Frontline politicians have nothing to offer to make our country, the Bono Region and other regions to develop. He's only good at talking and about 99% of his submissions on developmental and political issues in Ghana is rife with invectives, and without anything meaningful to propel our nation and region to development. He's a stomach politician and will do nothing but to kill the vision of up and coming young ones whose personal achievements and prospects is a clear indication that they have the interest of our nation and region at heart. Notwithstanding his indiscretions in his contributions to political discourse, he did a better job for exposing the former regional minister who was bent on destroying our forest for personal gains. Long live Ghana, long live Bono region. Oh! I nearly forgot! I prefer listening to Twene Jonas than Abronye. Spare us of your unnecessary rebuttal videos on Twene Jonas' videos meant to awaken our leaders to the undeniable fact Ghanaians, both old and young, are not happy about their leadership style which is totally devoid of love and care for the people who have always had their back, fought for them, believed in them to fix things and be with them every step of the way throughout their political journey.

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