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Vaccine is safe!. Akufo Addo and JM public jab kills all propaganda against the vaccine.

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo took the jab of the Covid-19 vaccine yesterday, and with the former President and leader of the largest opposition party, John Dramani Mahama accepting his shot today, sets a firm agenda for the acceptance of the vaccines and also, ends the political propaganda against same.

The two leaders, having accepted to be vaccinated publicly, have led by example and already, the gesture has drastically minimised the number of people negatively talking about the vaccines.

This is a country where almost everything is divided along NDC and NPP lines. The polarised nature of the Ghanaian society cuts across all its facets, and the administration of this vaccine was no exception.

When the President announced he was going to take the vaccine publicly in order to send a positive signal to the masses, many opposing elements cast doubt on the promised.

When the president honoured his promise, the naysayers shifted the goal post, claiming nobody can verify what the President has been injected with. Some even cynically suggested he could have been vaccinated with water to deceive the public.

With John Dramani Mahama coming public to take his shot today, the cynics have toned down and suddenly gone to sleep. No more excuse.

The Asantehene, together with his wife has taken his jab of the vaccine this morning too.

It seems the country would now be united against the disease and accept the vaccine as it has been shown to be safe.

The political propaganda against the vaccine, thus, is dead on arrival. 

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