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Politicians Should Stop Saying MPs Don't Construct Roads; See What A Fellow MP Is Doing In His Area

Enough is Enough, Ghanaian politicians should reduce the number of unattainable promises they make and should also stop these consistent claims about things that Members of Parliament should do and things they are not supposed to do.

It is high time the citizens of this land have come to a realization that most of the things that some of these politicians tell us are not something they can do or even if they can do it, they say it because they need our votes.

Most times the constituents or residents in our various constituencies call on their respective Members of Parliament to hear and solve the problems they normally face in their constituencies. This is obviously meant to happen because these members of Parliament make a lot of promises to their constituents and their people in turn ask them to fulfill those promises they promised during their campaigns.

One of such claim that almost every Ghanaian is aware is they telling Ghanaians that members of Parliament are not the ones to construct roads. This is in no doubt true, besides it is not written in the Constitution that members of Parliament should construct roads, but it is their duty to make laws and also deliberate on issues such as the construction of roads and the amount of money that can be used in the construction process.

This makes it clear that indirectly they help and they can help in constructing roads and embarking on other developmental projects in the country. Aside the fact that they deliberate on such issues, it is also noted that these members of Parliament continuously in their campaigning messages tell or promise their constituents of the kind of things they will do for them when they are voted into power and the construction of roads is not an exception.

So it is high time politicians have stopped saying that Members of Parliament do not build roads or were notor are not mandated to build or construct roads.

Now to tell these politicians that they have to fulfill their promise and stop saying Members of Parliament do not construct roads, let us take a look at this new Member of Parliament for the Evalue-Ajomoro-Gwira constituency in the Western Region and the roads the MP is currently constructing in his constituency.The Member of Parliament is currently constructing roads in Axim township and he made this known to the public with pictures on his social media platform.

This tells us what Members of Parliament can do even if the law does not emphatically state it.

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