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‘Oh Judgement Death’ When will this political assassin stop killing us?

This is a country that is run by the dictates of a sitting President of the day; thanks to our 1992 constitution that has created such democratic dictatorship.

The President selects ministers of state from Parliament; selects justices of the Superior Court of Judicature; appoints the Attorney General & Minister of Justice; the Inspector General of Police; the Chief of Army Staff; appoints heads of Security Services and heads of State Institutions.

Even at the local levels, it’s still the interest of the President that reigns supreme. What else can’t a Ghanaian President do?

This is the curse of the Ghanaian constitution which politicians only kick against when in opposition; but considers it the best because it helps to bring out “the legitimate beasts” in an individual president, when they are in power.

The constitution, rather than to eliminate, seemed to have consolidated the coup mentality in our democratic dispensation: “Every business person in a previous administration is a thief. Let’s probe and destroy their businesses”. It gets a presidential seal and it’s done!

A targeted business is not likely to get justice at the courts. It’s either the case is grinded till the expiry date of the government in power or dismissed on some flimsy grounds.

Many too, who are aware of the serving parochial and partisan interest of the Ghanaian legal system, would therefore not bother to pursue any form of justice at the courts; very much aware that justice may not be served after-all.

There is no wonder affected parties would endure every pain and wait for the expiration of the tenure of the given administration. That is when they believe, a degree of avenue would be created for them to get justice. And that justice is often expressed in the payment of compensations, which in legalese, is known as judgement debts.

Today, Ibrahim Mahama, whose bauxite concession and equipment were seized under the pretext that he unduly got the concession because of his blood relation with then sitting President is on the threshold of getting some millions of dollars from the politically-induced seizure.

A court has ruled in his favour; thus granting him the compensation reward. It’s not likely, he would be given the said amount in the current dispensation, perhaps, until there is change of government. Trust him to access the said amount in any future government because its legally, due him.

In event his brother becomes president again in the next administration, trust that Mr. Mahama will likely be hit with yet another accusation of getting the payment granted the court “because of his relationship with President (Mr. Mahama)".

The signs are becoming clear that most of the owners of the collapsed financial institutions will also be seeking redress in the manner under which their banks were confiscated by the state.

Already, the court had ruled that the appointment of the receiver to manage the defunct Unibank was illegal. The said receiver, according to the court, was an interested or a beneficiary party in the so-called banking sector reforms.

His accounting firm was one of the companies hired by the administration through the Bank of Ghana and the Ministry of Finance, to audit most of the collapsed banks; and so cannot hold himself as an unbiased party when it comes to any issues relating to government/BoG and the defunct financial institution.

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom and shareholders of GN Bank and Gold Coast Securities have been in court for close to two years without closure of their cases. In one vexatious instance, the lawyer for the Bank of Ghana (BOG), sought permission from the court that he was accompanying the President in a pre-election campaign tour, and he was granted by the court.

Meanwhile, properties of two facilities are being left in the bushes to rot; yet there is a receiver from the BoG who is supposed to watch over these properties. As it stands, it does seem the cases will travel the full course of the current administration.

Maybe, it’s only a subsequent administration that will see to the expeditious close to the GN Bank, Gold Coast cases. When that happens, there is every possibility that the owners of the two facilities will likely, earn huge rewards in judgment debts.

This deduction is made out of the manner the BoG is not being that pro-active enough to see to the conclusion of the cases. Therefore, the logical question is what’s holding back the BoG? Is it that they have come to the realization they don’t have a good case?

Then the seizure and burning of mining excavators. Is that really a punishment or a part of the killer coup mentality that we’ve planted in our body-politic since the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah?

Some of the affected parties claim they have legitimate licenses to operate as small scale mining operators. So why is no one listening to their pleas? Perhaps they only need to bid their time in anticipation they can get bigger judgement fees after this administration is out of office.


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