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Why Do Ghanaian Leaders Love 'Blood', Do You Use It As Tea, Coffee Or You Fry It-Capt Smart Quizzes

Nothing hurts more than the truth and Martin Luther King Junior once said "change does not roll on the wheels of inevitability but through continuous struggle. We must straighten our backs and work hard for our freedom, a man cannot ride you unless your back is bent". This statement from the Freedom fighter after several decades has proven to be true.

Captain smart has fiercely reacted to the seemingly lackadaisical attitude of the country's leaders in solving problems. Its almost as if the masses have had their backs bent and the politicians are riding us like horses because they have taken us for granted for so long a time. Speaking on the topic 'Beautification of the capital city' on his newly established Smart TV, the renowned broadcaster questioned as to whether our politician really have the nation at Heart.

He urged that nobody should allow to be intimidated by the the riches of any politician and the truth will be told to them whether they like it or not. The journalist admonished those between the ages of 15 to 45 years to stand up for the country or else the old men will destroy the country. Compare some of the capital cities in the world like Washington in America, Bamako of Mali, Ouagadougou of Burkina Faso to Accra of Ghana.

Some roads in the capital are still not tarred and it rains for few hours with the whole of Accra getting flooded. Kasoa toll booth is also flooded. Because of stealing, squandering and wickedness there is no progress. Even street light on motor way is not there and there is accidents occurring day in day out with people dying and nobody is addressing the issue but looking on unconcerned. He said "why do Ghanaian leaders love blood? Do you use it for tea, coffee or you fry it".

You can watch the full video here.

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