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Nana Addo is making John Mahama look like a saint - Martin Gpebu

Some Ghanaian felt very relieved when Nana Addo climbed on the presidential seat on January 7 2017 amd watched gladly as he implemented some of his brilliant ideas such as the “Free SHS” and many interesting initiatives but here we are in 2022 and not a lot of people are thrilled by the direction the nation is heading. Some people still believe that the Nana Addo administration is the best thing that has happened to Ghana, others think and strongly believe otherwise.

On Joy News’ News File Mr. Martin Gpebu made his point known that he is not a fan of how the country is moving. For those of you who do not know who Martin Gpebu is, He is a Private renowned legal practitioner and a rights activist who specializes in corporate law and court litigation.

Well, that was quite an intro. Back to the topic for today, Mr Martin has criticized president Nana Addo for his “poor management” of the Ghanaian economy.

He said the president is painting former president Mahama as a Mona Lisa. What im saying is he’s making JM look good in the presidential portrait of competence in the eyes of the citizens. Well he didn't quite say it like that, “President’s lack of willpower to fight corruption” and the economic crisis has made John Mahama look like a “saint”. Now that’s more like how he said it on news file on Saturday.

“we thought John Mahama was the worst, the vampire we had never seen in history and that will be the last…… when you talk to people behind the scenes, they find it difficult to back their own words because we had said so much against John Mahama thinking that the ‘Messiah’ Akufo-Addo had arrived,” he blurted out. Just like many Ghanaians, Mr. Gpebu believes that “nothing stops him [President Akuffo-Addo] from resigning

Despite all these controversial demonstrations and public outburst, Mr. Gpebu does not think it’s enough, at least not to fix the country. According to him, Ghanaians must show much public anger against the performance of President Akuffo-Addo to booth him out.

In his own words, “It is public anger that we have to show. Those who are thinking that by coming out to show public anger we are stretching out a hand to John Mahama, do not look at it that way. It is not automatically that if we boot out Akufo-Addo, John Mahama automatically comes in, No. something else could happen,” he noted.  

 If you do not understand why this man is lamenting so much, let me explain to you.

So you see the country is in a big crisis which the government hope to ease with some push from the International Monetary Fund, which most of us know as the IMF. At least you have heard that on tv. Also with the continuous increase in fuel prices in the country causing the transportation fares to hit the sky and the soaring rise of the inflation rate. The Ghana Statistical Services said as of June, the inflation rate was 29.8 percent, the highest recorded since December 2003. transportation fare increase is a pain in the ass for the average citizen like me but this inflation number means things are starting to get ugly for everyone even the rich.

If you’re a fan of the GSS, they have more numbers that can scare the crab out of you so if you are feeling it in the air, maybe helping to ‘boot’ Nana Addo down and electing me as the president may be a good idea, otherwise someone else, or if you feel like the man is doing great and deserves the chance to make things right, let the world know in the comment section.

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