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Ghana Airways is about to be revived, as the president is expected to handover 5 aeroplanes to them.

If you are to be asked, what is the state of the Ghana Airways, what would you say?

But don't worry of answering, whether it is dead or not. Because, the company is about to receive a great boost as the president of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo is expected to handover 5 new aeroplanes to the Ghana Airways Company tomorrow, through the aviation ministry.

Don't you think the released of the 5 aeroplanes to the Aviation Ministry for the Ghana Airways Company will compete with the local and the domestic flights?

Why is the money not used to expand the other infrastructures in the rest of the airports in Ghana?

Why has the government waited till now before handing over those aeroplanes to the company?

Is it the case that that's where he has not done well or he is just doing his job as the president of Ghana?

As others will be very happy to hear that. How many of us does it concern us?

What benefits will be gotten from it by someone in my village?

When was the last time Ghana Airways Company received 5 aeroplanes in a day?

I think it is good though, but why has the government neglected the private school teachers?

Where were they made? How much did it cost the state?

Why do politicians seem to be doing so many things during elections time?

The Aviation Ministry receiving the aeroplanes is not a problem, but mentenance is.

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