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Counselor Adofoli Justifies Kasoa Murder, says Ghana Has Neglected the Youth

Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli, a renowned marriage and relationship expert in Ghana has said that the Kasoa murder is a clear example that Ghana has neglected her youth.

According to Counselor Adofoli, it's very true that the truth is not a sin but one thing for sure is that, it can make one very uncomfortable.

He said Ghana is one small nation that its citizen gives so much yet are being neglected each day. It's like being in an animal farm. Some people are more important than others. In the public sector, some workers are more important than others.

“There are those who get pension pay every four years but do not go on pension whilst there are others who go on pension after serving the nation for 35years and their pension pay is nothing compared to the other four years’ pensioner”, he noted.

Explaining the situation in Ghana, Counselor Adofoli revealed that, lawmakers in Ghana make laws that favour a few in certain positions meanwhile they were put in such positions to make laws that favour the rest of the citizens. “We are paying so much to the government to make laws, develop systems, put the right people in places to help the nation develop but people who come to power only think about themselves, friends, family and their succession plan”, he complained.

In a Facebook post sighted by Ghana Africa News, Counselor Adofoli said, only a few are seeing development, as some of those who have been neglected so much today are the youth, yet we claim they are the future of the nation. “Such statements do not apply to all the youth in Ghana, just a few. Their parents are in places either by their political party affiliations or by friendship or blood relation. Those are the youth who get the best of education because they don't attend the public ones for the masses”, he fumes.

Counselor Adofoli explained that the politicians fly their children outside the country and when they get back, they are given positions and told what to do. According to him, there is no proper curriculum for youth development in the basic and high schools, yet God has put so much in the youth, and all Ghana need to do is to help the youth discover them and use that to bless the nation.

“The youth are hungry; the youth are restless. They are full of talents, gifts, ideas, dreams, energy, passion. All they need is access to the right facilities, people, tools and places to develop”, he added.

The marriage and relationship expert, noted that Ghana is shocked of the recent murder at Kasoa, about how two teenagers killed a 10-year-old for rituals. “And all the blame is shifted to the content on television as if that is all the problem”, he posited. He said in the recent elections, the youth were the bigger casualties, as politician uses them for all the dirty work just because they don't have any proper profession, career, business or vocation.

“Talking about unemployment, it's the youth and nothing more. In all this we have a Ministry for youth sports development, a ministry which should be renamed as Ministry for black stars and nothing more. How many youth development centers have we in this country, for the youth to access in every district? Won't that help discover and develop gift, talents etc?”, he quizzed.

According to him, when it comes to the Olympics, Ghana searches for athletes. He explained that Ghana don't mind looking for any nationality to represent the nation as far as they agree to be Ghanaians.

“How many schools are dedicated to the study of art, music etc for the youth to access at early age without costing an arm and a leg? Where can parents turn to develop their wards' talents? We have made things very narrow and how do we expect growth? Apart from a few private places in some selected sports discipline there is nothing for the public”, he quizzed.

Counselor Adofoli said, every youth today wants to go to school for a certificate to get a job in a public sector where the job has been shared with whom they know. He advised that if Ghana really take a keen interest in developing the youth, Ghana would have an immense resource. There are “lots of talents in this country but are neglected to die”, he added.

Speaking against the attack on Mallam media contents on TV, he said that if NMC is really functioning and not just interested in politics and closing down radio stations that they believe is a threat to the next general elections, content on screen should be properly categorized and well-rated. “Parents will then be able to regulate their TV not to show some programmes, but nothing like that is working”, he explained.

He finally advised that, until citizens learn to demand what they want instead of waiting for what a politician can give each four years, nothing will be changed.

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