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The Modus Operandi Of This Government Is Deception - Lawyer Laments

The government continues to be embroiled in a lot of criticisms from some critics, Civil Society Organizations, and even some people within the ruling party amid the economic downturn of the country partly caused by the Covid19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Head of legal affairs of the National Democratic Congress and a member of the national communications team of the party, Lawyer Abraham Amaliba, has alleged that the modus operandi of the government is deception.

He made this suggestion when he appeared on the Newday show on TV3 to discuss some topical matters including the non-payment of allowances to some NABCO trainees as well as some youth who were engaged in the “Youth In Afforestation” project.

There have been continuous calls by some members of the media and CSOs on the government to pay allowances to NABCO trainees and others that have been in arrears for some months.

The government in times past have indicated plans to offset all arrears owed every youth engaged under any government project but that is yet to be materialized.

Speaking further on the matter, Lawyer Amaliba was of the view that the government always issues statements only for purposes of calming tempers but fails to live up to the promises made.

“ What I have come to realize over time is that the modus operandi of this government is deception. The President himself made a promise that the NABCO beneficiaries who still have their allowances in arrears were going to be paid but that is still yet to happen. It is as if they always issue statements for purposes of deceiving the people when they see tempers flaring. It is not only NABCO trainees who have not been paid. Youth in afforestation also have their allowances in arrears and there is no indication of payment anytime soon especially with our current economic position” he said.

Meanwhile, George Ayisi, Communications Director of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), indicated on the same show that per information available to him, the GRA has paid NABCO trainees up to June. He also reiterated that the government is working around the clock to clear all upstanding allowances.

Source:TV3 Newday

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