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Two (2) big mistakes that will make the NPP lose in 2024.

In 2020, Ghana’s ‘festival of madness’ did not fail to live up to expectation. The country that has without doubt become the hope for Africa’s democratic hopes, nearly went overboard in the excitement of the moment. However, Ghana as expected walked out of the nation’s tense national elections gallantly while still keeping the title of Africa’s most democratic nation. As the dust settles following the clash of titans and gladiators within Ghana’s political arena however, some of the country’s most renowned political figures are already preparing towards the 2024 Ghanaian general elections. These preparations which are mostly like the engine of a beautiful watch; hidden away from the general public yet as violent as ever is taking a different dimension among Ghana’s largest political parties. As the National Democratic Congress struggles to reach a consensus on how best to juggle who leads the party in 2024 and how best to deal with the government of the day, the New Patriotic Party; Ghana’s other major political party’s efforts to nip their internal wranglings in the bud seem futile.

The grassroots of the New Patriotic Party are getting agitated by the day as reports of purported attempts by the party’s leadership to impose a flag bearer on them towards election 2024 trickle in. In response, the grassroots are divided into camps in support of the various most eligible faces that can lead the party in 2024. Among the many faces that are currently being projected by the NPP’s grassroots are honorable Alan Kyeremanten and His Excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. As a statement of fact, these two seem to be the major faces being projected at the time. It was looking like internal politics as usual until certain derogatory reports of the two began making rounds on social media. The damaging nature of these reports to our country’s political landscape and our democracy in general was what prompted me to pick up my inkwell and make this script. Having analyzed the situation at hand critically, I am fully convinced that the following are the two gravest mistakes that can jeopardize the New Patriotic Party’s chances at the polls in 2024.

Firstly, the New Patriotic party’s failure to find a suitable way to unite the pro-Bawumia and pro-Alan factions of the party under one umbrella of victory will only send them down the abyss of defeat. Regardless of who leads the party towards 2024, the votes of the supporters of the other will be needed very much. Should Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia become the flag bearer, honorable Alan Kyeremanten’s funds and support will be of immense importance for victory and should honorable Alan Kyeremanten become the flag bearer, Dr. Bawumia’s economic prowess and experience in governance will be of ultimate importance. A united front is therefore required to make the party battle ready for 2024. A continuance of the divisive internal politics will only give their major opponents; the National Democratic Congress the upper hand at the polls.

Secondly, the contrasting reports from both invisible camps suggesting the complete sidelining of either of the two individuals should be nipped in the bud before it becomes the death of the party as a whole. The New Patriotic Party must realize at this point that an Alan Kyeremanten and Bawumia leadership can not be escaped. For the party to survive and remain relevant within the Ghanaian political space, it is imperative for the party to find a way to put both candidates on the bill. Whichever one leads and whichever one plays running mate will not be a real issue but both must be on the bill regardless. This is the only thing that is capable of appeasing the grassroots at this point and the party must unfortunately as Jerry John Rawlings once said; “listen to themselves.” A refusal to heed this call will potentially jeopardize the party’s chances at the polls.

As Ghana prepares for election 2024 with all the zeal and tact, the big players of the country’s political game must do their homework well in order to give the populace the best choices available at the polls. The New Patriotic Party therefore must do everything in their power to remain a force to reckon with during the December 2024 Ghanaian general elections.

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