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'Fixing The Country Movement' Are Disappointment To Ghanaians Just Like The Person They Fight For

Anybody who knows the right thing to do or knows there is a duty to be executed but wait for someone to tell him him or her to do it, a total disappointment to what he or she stands for or fights for.

We are in a country where people wait for things to go wrong before the respond or take action against that incident.

Why should people always behave this when we can easily prevent things from happening instead of waiting for them to occur or happen before they come out and waste unnecessary funds in the name of trying to solve them.

This is actually the same thing the 'Fixing the Country Movement' are currently doing in the country. Of course they have concrete reasons for trying so hard to counter the Fix the country campaigners but when do they have to wait for people or fix the country campaigners to demonstrate on the streets before coming out to counter them.

The fixing the country movement claims they will not allow the fix the country campaigners to spread falsehood against the incumbent President and government but this is actually the same thing that that they are currently doing to the largest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress.

It is only in Ghana that, when a new party comes into power they forget their duties and rather fight the past government for the same reason the people elected them out of government.

Now according to the Fixing the country movement, Ex President John Mahama played a key role in the Airbus scandal, hence he cannot be left unpunished.

Instead of finding a way to help solve the problems in the country they are rather fighting against people who wants their lives to be better by demonstrating and pleading to the President.

Besides, most of these fix the country campaigners who demonstrated on the streets on the 5th of August 2021 are people from different political parties and people suffering in the country.

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