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You Get Angry Each Time We Ask Questions. Who are You?; We Saw How Donald Trump Ended-Johnnie Hughes

Today's bite on Johnnie's show, Johnnie's bite was attention-grabbing as he delivered and lambasted the President and government officials for being quick-tempered each time they are being questioned about their quality of service to electorates who voted for them or directly appointed by the President as a result of electorates massively voting for the President during elections.

Importantly, Johnnie Hughes noted that some politicians are talented in making lofty promises without fulfilling them. In continuation, Johnnie Hughes said;

"You promised us sky trains. We will not even talk about that because ECG could put of the lights even if you are air-bound. You could be stuck in the sky; it is possible. Lights go off unannounced. You are elated each time I say you have planted trees all over the country but you get angry when I ask you to show us the trees or how are they performing. Each time you use taxpayers to embark on a project, know that we will boldly question you. Also, to appointed ministers or members of the President, we never voted for you but we rather voted for the President so whenever we ask you questions, answer them and stop harassing journalists".

"You get angry each time we ask you questions but the President asked us to be citizens and not spectators. We saw how Donald trump ended. In a civilized democracies were we are all trying to learn from, people ask questions and the leaders are happy to answer them even though they may not be happy with the questions".

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