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What Informed John Mahama And The Manifesto Committee To Place Ban On The Use Of Okada 2021 Revaled

The supreme argument of the NDC for this year's elections is the OKADA debate they are coming forth with, however the question one need to ask is,.what informed the decision of the NDC and their cabinet to place that ban on the use of motorbikes (OKADA) for commercial gains their previous administration. This is what led to the frustrations of many of our brothers.

This brothers of ours were rob of their daily bread from the streets,many of whom were arrested and charged with ridiculous sums of monies or risk going to jail and losing their motorbikes, all of this was caused by NDC previous administration

I actually get shock to the bone when i see people deliberately advocating for the reintroduction and legalization of this flight of fancy argument being pushed by the NDC and it's presidential candidate(JM).

Under no circumstance must we allow some of this hallucinating statements of comparing Okada to some of the well thought through programs of president Akufo Addo and Dr Mahamud Bawumia policies and programs for the youth. It is only when we are bereft with ideas that Okada can be seen to be an alternative to solving our unemployment problems for the youth.

Fact is,there is no okada rider in Ghana who will not choose an opportunity to working in a factory over riding an Okada. Neither will there be any of our brothers who will choose Okada over an opportunity to be placed on Nation Builders Corp.

In any of the government initiatives that are geared towards the growth of the youth as many of them are graduates, and I say this with many of the lofty programs and policies of the new patriotic party NPP in mind of which over one million jobs have been created for the teaming youth from all sectors of our economy and over a billion Ghana cedis have been pushed into the economy to support youth in entrepreneurship, and that is what leaders with vision do.

I strongly believe it should not be and can not be an alternative nor a panacea to solving the unemployment issues of our country. Come to think of this, putting all the above arguments aside and considering it as vague, let us ask ourselves this simple question,how many of us here have it in our dreams to becoming an Okada rider? I think not you nor me or even Johm Mahama that is the one making this desperate statements will wish for his son to be what he is wishing for our brothers out there. If not in Ghana, how can you claim to have built the biggest classroom infrastructure and still think of adding more in the unlikely event u come back as Ghanas president and at the same time wish for pupil to go through, only for them to come out to being okada riders.

Among the various promises of the NDC's flagbearer Mr. Mahama is to legalise the commercials use of motorbikes, popularly called Okada business. But this message as it is stands may cause more harm than good to the opportunity to party.

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The Okada has destroyed the lives of several operators, as well as people who patronise their services. It is a well known fact that the use of Okada as a means of transportation is not necessarily the first choice of any consumer, people resort to their use when there are difficulties, such as traffic jam, low income, unavailability of taxis and trotros, urgency, etc.

Okada serves as the main means of transport for so many communities the most remote and rural parts of the country such as northern Ghana even though they are also popular in the big cities due to the convenience they afford users in terms of beating traffic.

It has been the source of livelihood for many people in the country.

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We call it Okada or Zemidjã. Today as I write this, it is a crime to do okada business or Zemidja in Ghana. 

But Your Excellency John Mahama has good news for you. HE is going to legalise okada or Zemidja when he comes to power in 2021. 

My people, this calls for celebration. No more harassment and extortion from some unscrupulous security agents. No more seizure of motorbikes by a mere order of a policeman.

The risk will reduce. The reason is that the work will be regulated. 

Know that if okada work is not legalised, it cannot be regulated. You regulate what is legal.

VSo Your Excellency John Mahama will legalise okada so that it can be regulated. Great news.

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