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It’s All About Fashion: Frances Essiam Reacts To The First And Second Ladies Salaries Brouhaha

A leading member of the New Patriotic Party, Frances Essiam has reacted to the brouhaha surrounding the payment of salaries to the first and second ladies. She indicates that most people are in government positions taking all the allowances but are not working. Frances Essiam was speaking on United Television’s Critical Issues program. She indicates that allowances are paid for almost every top government official and the issue of first and second ladies must not be seen differently.  

Most people have condemned the leadership of the ruling New Patriotic Party for trying to formalize the payment of salaries to first and second ladies. Some Members of Parliament have also condemned the move. It is believed that most of these Members of Parliament and top state officials who are condemning the decision to pay salaries to first and second ladies also enjoy several allowances from the public purse.

Apart from their salaries, they also enjoy allowances for their vehicles, clothing, and many others. Due to politics, they have turned around to blame the government for formalizing the salaries for the first and second ladies.

According to Frances Essiam, some of the female personalities who hold top positions enjoy the allowances but they are only interested in fashion, dressing, and looking good. She adds that they are not interested in the work but taking pictures with their dressings and looking good on social media. “Top officials in state organizations take all forms of allowances. People are given appointments and they don’t know why they are there, It’s all about Fashion and looking good among the females especially”. She noted. she believes Rebecca Akufo Addo and Samira Bawumia have been working for the country and deserves to be paid.

The summary of her point is that the first and second ladies have huge responsibilities for the state than the other state officials who enjoy allowances without any work done and it is not out of place for the spouses of the president and wife to also enjoy salaries. In this case, if others will receive the allowances and only use them to buy expensive dresses which will not benefit the state, it is prudent for the first and second ladies who can use the allowances to bring benefits to the country to enjoy.

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