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Ernesto Yeboah, Leader Of Economic Fighters League Calls On Ghanaians To Boycott The 2020 Elections

An Economic movement has moved that, this year's election be avoided by Ghanaians. The EFL in expansion known as Economic Fighter League has outdoors its movement urging electorates to boycott this year's electoral processes. The operation launched in their maiden step is called Operation No Vote 2020 purposely tasked to rally Ghanaians to avoid the December elections.  

The program was hosted on Facebook live where the leader of the movement, the infamous Ernesto Yeboah asserted that, since the elections have not to yield anything positive for the country and in the lives of the electorates, however has enriched a few people leaving the masses behind, there is the name to disregard with maximum force. 

Why do we continue to vote if all that our voting does is to transfer our power to a select few who use that power to steal our money? Then use that money to buy themselves Land Cruisers so that they can escape our bad roads; pay for private medical treatment or fly abroad so that they can escape our moribund healthcare system; pay for private tuition or send their children abroad to study so that they can escape our bad education system? Why do we continue to give the system the power to kill us?”, he queried

According to the EFL, after close observation and evaluating, the manifestos of the biggest political parties contain promises that can't be described as ”revolutionary changes needed for a radical transformation of our country”. Not only that, the various policies and programs presented by the parties can't be termed as dedicated enough to the public purse.

This has given the EFL, the full forces to elevate this agenda to scrap the electoral indifferences and boycott the elections as possible. The league then appeal to Ghanaians to involve themselves in the mommet to perpetuate how the country is being run. Unless there is a government or an party that promises and delivers an inclusive governance where the local purse is thought of and taken cared for.

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