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Joe Bidens Chef Who Also Served Obama And Other United States Former Presidents

Andre Rush, a 47-year-old chef who has worked in the White House for years, was born in the year 1974 in Columbus, Mississippi, United States. He is also an ex-soldier who spent many years in the US Army as a Sergeant. He earned a degree in restaurant and business management from Culinary Stafford University and Central Texas College a few years ago.

Because of his physique, most people have been unable to believe that Andre is a White House Chef. Andre began working in the White House in 1977, and he has served four American presidents, according to reports. He also served Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, and is currently serving Joe Biden.

Even though Andre has a tremendous bodily build, it hasn't stopped him from carrying out his responsibilities; according to sources, he has won multiple cooking competitions in the United States.

Andre, who rose to prominence a few years ago as a result of his remarkable physique, is also recognized for his 24-inch biceps. He is also a popular bodybuilder who once said that he obtained his physique through exercise and that he performs 2,222 push-ups per day.

Here are some pictures of chef Andrew Rush and friends

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