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Johnnie Hughes Opens Up To Ghanaians: This Is Why I Salute COP Ken Yeboah

On Wednesday, 28th September 2022, TV3's Johnnie Hughes made some strong statements on his "Let the Retirees Go Campaign".

It is not clear when Johnnie Hughes would end his campaign. He has asked that the CEOs of non-performing State-owned institutions should be checked if they are not more than the retirement age.

" I want to know if GIHOC, Goil, VALCO and GNPC are doing well. Are their leaders or CEOs more than the age of 60years? I do not have the problem of retirees who serve as consultants or Board chairmen but please leave the work of '8 AM to 5 PM for the young ones".

"At 60years, why are you in a hurry to go to work? To go and do what? When you are 60 years old, go home and play with your grandchildren. Cook for them".

" People are almost 100 years but they are still fighting for jobs with their children at the office.

"I celebrate COP Ken Yeboah. I salute him. Do you know why? He quickly left when it was time for his retirement. At 60 years old, COP Ken Yeboah has made way for a younger person to be in his place. This is what we expect others to do".

" Commissioner of Police Isaac Ken Yeboah did well by allowing DCOP Faustina Agyeiwaa Kodua Andoh-Kwofie to take over for him to peacefully retire".

According to Johnnie Hughes, even though COP Ken Yeboah might have allowed some cases to slip, he deserves to be saluted for this reason.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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