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Do-or-die comment: Has Ghana lost all decent voices that can call politicians to order?

It is becoming difficult to have a decent voice in Ghana today, that can speak to politicians and their followers, for them to listen and amend their ways in a politically correct manner. The two major political parties in the country, whether in opposition or in power, do not respect any institution of state.

When in government, they defend these so-called independent offices, in opposition they lambast them and accuse them of being in bed with the government of the day. A typical example is the Electoral Commission of Ghana, EC.

In the same vein, institutions, allied or independent, have also somewhat sold their constitutional given autonomy to incumbent parties, rendering them toothless bulldogs.

That is why in the political arena today, there are no discipline due to lack of 'big brother' resulting in no checks and balances.

Yesterday, men of God and respected citizens did not speak against 'all-be-die', and so today, they plaster their mouths on 'do-or-die'. That is unfortunately the society we are building. No fearful voice.

There is a news report item that says; Joseph Yamin has warned the Peace Council and other Christian bodies in the country against criticizing former President Mahama’s now-famous do-or-die proclamation. According to him, these religious bodies are hypocrites in the pockets of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), and only come out to bash the NDC when they make any statement they do not agree with.

We are not principled anymore. That is why today, a former government official will dare the National Peace Council not to speak on the reckless statement made by John Mahama. If they were mute on other political incorrect statements, they must forever hold their peace.

There is a school of thought who believes the transitional authorities could step in. They are revered by their respective subjects and if they should speak truth to power, there is a likelihood of achieving results.

Some, have, for instance, talked about the Otumfour Asantehene's ability to take up this task. But again, when nobody reprimanded Akufo Addo for "all-die-be-die", who can section John Mahama for "do-or-die"?

Are we now a country without elders? Which voice can command order and respect across all political and religious spheres?

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