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Another Nana Addo Appointee Has Been Called To Speak After What He Said About Mahama In 2015 Drops

Social media never forgets. If Ghanaians have "short memory", once again, social media never forgets. The Chief Executive Office of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Yoofi Grant, is now been haunted by the statements he made about Mahama when Mahama was then President in 2015. Yoofi Grant, like all other desperate politicians who want power, criticize the Former President in 2015 for the then high cedi to dollar rate.

Yoofi Grant was then lamenting about the fact that the cedi to dollar rate had increased from 3.56 cedi to 1 dollar up to 3.75 cedi to 1 dollar. According to him, that minute change showed a significant drop in the value of the Ghanaian cedis.

"So last week Tuesday, I used the few remain shekels I had to buy a few US dollars at GHc 3.56 a dollar. Today, I bought USD 100 at GHc 3.75 dollar, a significant drop in the value of the cedi. The funny thing is, no is making noise anymore. We are also fed up...Mahama says he ain't going to be moved by our useless lamentations. I felt sad he said that because these things stay written and many years after, they will still be there"

Interestingly, the rate has increased up to 10 Cedi to 1 dollar. Yet, this same Yoofi Grant has not spoken about the matter. Why? This is because, he is a beneficiary of Nana Addo's appointment. And the money he is getting is enough to cushion him from experiencing the serious effect of the depreciation of the cedi.

It is respect to that why Ghanaians called on Yoofi Grant to speak about the extremely high cedi to dollar rate. Yoofi Grant is not the only one. This should tell you that politicians are the same. They act as if they are in the interest of Ghanaians but when they get into power, they forget about all what they said whiles in opposition.

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