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Moment Of Truth: Lessons Sammy Gyamfi Must Learn After Being Kicked Out Of UTV

In an earlier article titled: Sammy Gyamfi Could Have Done Better, He Got It All wrong, I expressed my disappointment in the 24th Oct., edition of "NOKW3R3 MMR3" program hosted by Sammy Gyamfi on UTV.

On the show, Sammy Gyamfi unfortunately diverted the purpose of the program and spent all the airtime speaking about Akuffo Addo's family members in Government.

The program which was meant to explain the party's achievements and the 2020 Manifesto, according to the Deputy Program Manager of UTV, Yaa Konamah, Sammy Gyamfi decided to use the TV space to attack the First Lady's Foundation (Rebecca Foundation), the Finance Minister- Ken Ofori Atta, Okyere Darko and the rest.

What kept my mind in a fix was why Sammy Gyamfi and the NDC will use such huge resources to acquire a TV space just to tell Ghanaians about Akufo Addo's family members in government. A thing Ghanaians have no use for.

I really don't get this. Who at all in Ghana will say he/she is yet to hear about this particular thing that have repeatedly been trumpeted by NDC on every platform they get?

This is more or less like NPP buying a TV space to tell Ghanaians about NDC's "Dumsor" era. A pure waste of resources.

Somebody should help me tell Sammy Gyamfi that, this is definitely not the time for such stuffs.

We have some few weeks to general election and as the biggest opposition party, NDC Sympathizers and Ghanaians in a larger breath, are expecting programs and policies aimed at giving them better lives.

This unnecessary personality attacks on the part of Sammy Gyamfi finally got the "NOKW3R3 MMR3" program suspended by UTV.

According to UTV , the unfortunate decision was taken due to the numerous allegations and legal actions the station has been faced with and the subsequent settlements it has entered into which emanated from the airing of the program.

The station agued that, in other to protect its brand, avoid legal suit, retractions and apologies, management has decided to suspend the program until further notice.

Find the letter below:

UTV suspends Sammy Gyamfi's Moment of Truth Show

This I think, should serve as a great lesson, not only to Sammy Gyamfi but to all political mouth pieces who uses every single platform, especially radio and TV stations to attack personality of renowned politicians in Ghana.

Sammy Gyamfi must know that, one's unguided action can create huge problem for an innocent person. It's about time we remain matured in our political utterances.

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Seth K. Nartey

[email protected]

Content created and supplied by: STNartey (via Opera News )

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