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Ghanaian's Should Support This Immediately

How marvelous is it that Sampson Ayini and his makers couldn't ask Splendid Simons how he misdirected we all into accepting that the EC can't enroll 12 million voters in 40 days? Why? He's on the show as normal talking bounty with no down to earth defense to his room made speculation. I can't trust Sampson missed that. 

I figure we should call these CSOs to arrange when they battle to push down our throats a portion of their theoretical speculations that ain't functional in our general public. We can't permit a portion of these pseudo communicators to hold us to deliver. We can't continue chiding lawmakers for their expressed contemptibility but then celebrate certainty pranksters marching as CSOs. Brilliant Simons and IMANI deceived us and must be gotten out for such. Splendid and his IMANI should either acknowledge they failed to understand the situation or they apologize for misleading us. 

The sorts of things Brilliant said before this enlistment practice got me so frightened. At a point I felt the EC was going to crumple this nation yet I simply needed to hold myself together. Splendid revealed to us that the BVR units won't endure the proceeds with wipe with the sanitizers made arrangements for the activity. He said the machines would fall flat in the center of the procedure since his information examination says as much. 

Say, the equivalent folks who asserted the procedure wasn't going to succeed have oddly changed the account to security slips of the procedure. They have slyly moved from the common sense of the Enlistment practice that they told the entire world they hold better information on than become security specialists and revealing to us how the EC ought to be accused for same. 

The authentic exhibition of the EC during the activity is being covered with an adjustment in account. We are presently welcome to provoke the EC to assemble trust with ideological groups and CSOs. How? What has befallen all the fate predictions that gone before the Activity? How on earth is Splendid Simons requesting that we overlook his past stories and hear him out on another arrangement of dangerous affront with his enlarged wounded inner self? How? 

It is basically sickening to continue boasting and feigning at us even with such undeniable proof that they misdirected us through the media. I need to approach the media to connect with these folks in like way they "flame broil" lawmakers. Some of them are worser than lawmakers as we are made to accept. They should be made to reply to their past cases than to simply permit them heave more theory they propound in their rooms. 

We should make some noise.

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