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Doumbouya charges oil companies in Guinea to construct refineries to create more jobs for the youth

Many Africans would attest to the fact that the natural resources found on the continent have rather been a curse than a blessing. The proceeds earned from the sale of these resources which are supposed to be used for developmental projects have been utilized to purchase weapons by corrupt politicians. They do this with the sole aim of intimidating the masses and keeping them impoverished.

Doumbouya, a military man is a disciplinarian bent on transforming Guinea, his motherland, and also ensuring that the natural minerals benefit the masses. Hence, he has changed the country's mining companies to construct refineries. This will create jobs for the youth who mostly want to travel overseas in search of greener pastures.

What this means is that Guinea as a country would not need to import refined petroleum but buy them locally and save most of their foreign exchange going abroad.

Then also it would create competition within the petroleum sector thereby forcing the price down. It is high time we as Africans stop sending our able-bodied youth to foreign countries and this is a good call by the country's leader.

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