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This Is What Nana Addo Government Is Doing On The Street Of Accra

The behaviour of this current government is getting out of hand. They have the capacity to undertake waste collection free of charge from our homes but we still have unwanted materials on the streets of Accra. How can you come to my house to collect bad materials free of charge when the drains in my area which are causing flooding and destroying life and property remain chocked with rubber materials?

Every storm drain in Accra is chocked with rubbers, you cannot collect that one free, but you can collect the plastic materials in our homes for free. There's no gutter in Accra that is filth free, but you are promising free filth collection from our homes. The filth in my house (which I can manage) and the filth in that gutter (which I cannot manage), which one requires benevolence? 

You are promising free things but the Odaw river and the Korle lagoon are inundated with unprecedented levels of filth. You are promising free collection from our homes but Agbogboloshie, Tuesday market, Kaneshie market, Mallam market and other major markets in Accra are submerged in filth. 

The stench in parts of Accra caused by filth is strong enough to cause miscarriage, you are not thinking about fixing that, but you are promising free collection from our homes. 

Beyond that, this trucks do not serve low income communities, poverty stricken areas and slums where people cannot afford to pay for. The interest of this trucks is within affluent communities,people who don't have much problems with filth. Meaning people who can pay for their waste are the people who are going to benefit from this policy?

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