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LGBTI community is asking for protection and security not legislation - Ghanaian transgender reveals

Ghanaian transgender by name angel maxine on Instagram was seen in the studios of neat FM with Ola Michael sharing his view about the LGBTI brouhaha that has risen in the country recently. Since the emergence of the legalisation of the LGBTI popped up in Ghana, almost everybody has shared his or her idea about it. From government officials, journalists, religious leaders and citizens as a whole.

A transgender who was born male but has turned himself to a female has shared some of his ordeal in his youthful stage. According to him, when he was growing up he used to sell food. Anytime he close from work and he is going home, people will attack him and collect all his profit he has accrued because of his feminine look. If he reports to the police, the will harass him and sack him that he looks like a female.

He said this happened and continued for so many times. So it's not every male that looks like a female is gay or vice versa. According to him, the LGBTI was set up as a shoulder for people like him to express their worries to. The office was established to protect and secure LGBTI but was not asking for legislation. He added that he was happy when the office was set up. What do you think about that? What's your take about this?

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