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Surprising Five facts about free SHS Policy

The free SHS policy has helped Ghana as a country a lot . Let the Father above bless the one who commissioned it. Many would have stayed in the house but thanks to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo they are not home alone without the further knowledge education brings to them. This president is being helpful to the reduction in illiteracy rate in Ghana. I believe the illiteracy rate of Ghana is about 50% if I am to estimate. Time without number ,there will be a time where Ghana will be one of the country's in Africa with the best Educational system. If I tell you that Ghanaian students or students in Ghana learns very well you will disagree. Well , most students are abreast with the theory aspects of the educational system and its left with the practical aspects. The thing is ,if you know or have an idea about the job or problem you are likely to solve it. This is what many people don't understand. They say that, what they learnt in school previous did not contribute to the job they are doing now. Albert Einstein said that " all are genuis, if you judge a fish by its ability to fly,it will spend it's whole life thinking it's stupid " this is not just any normal statement but it's had a deeper meaning and still does. The reason why most people think and say that what they learnt in school can't be applied in their jobs is that, they were not able to discover the field of studies they could have performed best with distinction although what they did pursue ,they did good. I disagree, education equips you with the needed skill and it's left with you to apply it in the needed area. Math for instance,helps you to equip yourselves with accuracy and critical thinking. If you were ignorant about it ,now ,you know. Permit me to elaborate the areas where the Free SHS Policy has contributed and the problem of it plus it's ongoing solution.

First and foremost,the Free SHS policy established by the current President of Ghana, has increased the number of youth in school and in the long-run ,it will add to the labour force. This policy is gradually adding to the labour force of the country. Many people don't see these benefits because of the high illetracy rate. There had been a time that it was said that ,if you want to hide a secret from a Ghanaian,hide it in books. This saying ,is gradually diminishing because most parents are beginning to understand what education means and the benefits it holds. The little knowledge I've got in economics tells me that, when there is a free commodity consumers tend to utilize it because it will cut down their expenditure. Most parents, now allow their wards to go to the senior high and pursue the course of their choice. A child with great potential intelligence would have been in the house doing hard labour to yield a low income but thanks to the President the wards are not. Well this policy is one in a million pieces special than all the previously made policies. We all know that when the cost of living is low the standard of living is high. This is what the President is trying to input into the mind of Ghanaians. It will take the ones with the zeal for books to understand or the one with a higher wisdom to understand it.

To continue,the Free SHS Policy has made Ghana increase her literacy rate. The literacy rate of Ghana was developing but not to the expected rate and that was why the President and his government introduced the policy of the Free SHS. Currently the literacy rate should have been booming if not for the COVID-19 . This pandemic is trying to slow down the speed at which illiteracy is reducing but science won't permit it to proceed. Now many people who would have liked to further their education in the secondary level are now doing it, thanks to Free SHS Policy. All this happening because of the Free SHS Policy. I have a friend in SHS currently in Ghana Senior High-Koforidua , who stopped schooling in 2015 all because of money. He was in St. Martin Senior High by then.The parents or guardians ,I believe had not enough money to pay for his fees. He is really intelligent,he is now the best business student in my school. You look at how the Free SHS Policy has helped him, such a gifted person being deprived of school all in the name of the lack of money. The Free SHS Policy has helped us very much and we will forever be in the dept of the President,Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and his government. More and more people are striving to acquire knowledge because if you are deprived of educational knowledge you can not go far in this life. Lack of knowledge my people perish. Who want to be cheated in life , nobody and I repeat , nobody ! As we keep growing we begin to understand that education is really important and without it, the world would have still been leaving in the stone age period. Time and tide waits for no man . Brethren, let's acquire the knowledge and use it to develop our skills and pen down the ways so that posterity will know our achievements and they will also learn.Lets all help make the earth 🌎 a better living place for other generations. Be a generational brainstormer.

Last but not the least,the Free SHS Policy has made Ghana attain a higher recognition internationally. As in the late 15th to 20th century, history made us understand that the European powers gained recognition based on the ability to acquire new territories. This time it's based on National Income and the Education system. Ghana has done well in introducing this policy to her citizens. This has made Ghana famous not only among African countries but globally. The popularity of the country will make it attract foreign investors to establish companies in Ghana. This will add to the gross domestic product or the net national product at factor cost(NATIONAL INCOME). A country is termed to be rich based on its national income. I believe in years to come Ghana can become the richest country in Africa because of our good policies. Don't look down on the current state of the country,it took many drops of water to make the ocean. One of the richest country in the world is Switzerland, do you know that one can work and earn a wage of $250 in an hour? It's the fact. Ghana will get to that point of standard of leaving because our educational system is being upgraded gradually. Ghana is now known to be one of the African countries who offers scholarship to all the public pre-tertiary institutions. Ghana is still striving harder to reduce the cost of living for her children thanks to the well respected ,first among her children, the President,Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo. I say ayekoo to the President.

On the contrary, the problem with the Free SHS Policy is the low accommodation and the low provision of food. The number of classrooms and dormitories for the students to use are scarce to the extent that they even use their dinning halls and assembly halls as classrooms. Again the foods they get to eat are tasty but scarce. They eat three times a day. You need to understand that the marginal utility of every individual differs. Someone will get a higher repletion and another will not get enough satisfaction,this even happens in the outside world not Ghana alone. I am a victim of this problem and that's why I know. I've been very vigilant concerning this problem. If a student like me gets a good place to sleep in the school and good food to eat, what prevents him or her not to achieve the good grades? The student are congested in the rooms of their dormitories like sardine, not that there are no spaces,there are spaces. Some even sleep outside the dormitories because the rooms are too warm and the bedbugs too worry them. This problem has been in existence for nearly a century. Sometimes,if the foods are given to the school,the matron and the kitchen staff try sell the surplus if they are not under proper management. This shouldn't have been so,they should have stored it for future use but who cares, it's government property so it's treated with contempt.

However,the problem of the Free SHS Policy is being solve by the construction of new facilities for the accommodation of the students and the kitchen staff are also being monitored. In Ghana Senior High-Koforidua, the headmaster,Mr. Afful Jacob is trying his best so that the students will enjoy their comfort and learn well. He has set rules and spies among the staff of the school to mornitor every activity in the school, whether in the kitchen or any place. He usually tells us " every situation, is a learning situation" this is a gist of his inspiration and it's helping the students of Ghana Senior High-Koforidua. The overall boss, the President is expanding the facilities in the various school to accommodate most of the students. Man came to solve problems but didn't come to solve all of them. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo , Ayekoo. He has done very well. God bless him and his descendants if his motive for the country is good and not evil.Good bless the country Ghana !

Written By Afflo Dennis Mawuli

Ghana Senior High-Koforidua

Aggrey House Chief Supervisor

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